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Port Phone Number

To Port a existing phone number:
The phone number must be active. Even inactive for 1 day can cause you to lose the number.
You must make sure the number is not currently in any contract, or you may be responsible for any termination fees.
You must be the account holder, or legal person in charge of the phone number.
You may be required to provide information such as Account Number, Name, Address, SSN # on old account.

To Port (Transfer) a phone number to Page Plus service, please follow the following instructions.
A phone must first be activated with a temporary phone number in the area that you wish to have service.
The phone must be programmed by *22890 OTA, and be sucsessfull.
The customer can then call the Porting Dept at 800-550-2436 Ext 2
The customer can then give a call rep the existing Page Plus temp number, and the phone number that you would like to Port In.
A Customer Service rep witll help you in porting the number over to Page Plus.

This process can take up to 7 business day in some cases, depending on the OLD service provider releasing the number.
Most Ports are done in under 48 hours.

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