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Activation Instructions

1: Make sure the phone has a fully charged battery, and is in a Digital Service area.
2: Dial *22890 and press SEND or TALK on your phone.
3: Music will play during the automated programming process.
4: Phone will beep, or will end the call once programming is complete. Voice message should say "Your phone has been programmed successfuly".
5: If phone does not automatically reset, power off, and on your phone.
6: Dial #737 Send/Talk. You should hear the message "Welcome To Page Plus Cellular..." If you do, you can hang up. This verifies that your phone is working on Page Plus service.

Note: Some areas require different programming codes. If *22890 does not work, try one of the following codes. *228, *22800, *22801, *22802.
Follow the automated voice instruction prompts.

On your 1st call, you will have to setup your language options and setup your voicemail password. Your current password is the last 4 digits of your new phone number.

If your phone displays an error message or says Programming Unsuccessful, Please contact our Activations Department at 888-5-PagePlus or E-Mail us at Activations@PagePlusDealer.com

Thank You

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